Troy Johnstone Photography
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Posing Parrot

In Flight - Yellow-headed Blackbid

Chickadee in the Cold

Screeching Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk screeching in flight.

Ready for the morning hunt - Swainson's Hawk

Camouflage - Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl's eye stands out in the thick underbrush.

Eye on you - Red Tailed Hawk

This hawk kept a close eye on me as it tried to fly away in heavy wind.

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Cardinal in the Cold

A male Cardinal searching for something to eat in the snow.

Cardinal Colours

Female Cardinal in the cold.

Flash of Colour

A male Cardinal takes flight.


Springtime - Robin

Angry Hawk

A Red Tailed Hawk circles angrily as my presence threatens it's nest.

Searching for Prey - Rough Legged Hawk

A pair in flight - Northern Shovelers

Visited by an Angel

The imprint left by a Blue Jay landing in the snow.

Birds of Prey know they are cool

Swainson's Hawk hanging out close to home.

Geese in the Mountains

Canadian Geese in Banff National Park, Alberta.

Mallard Ducks in Flight


Bird Photography by Troy Johnstone

Wildlife of all types fascinate me. Be it a quiet pond with ducks or a hawk looking for a meal, I enjoy watching and photographing these beautiful birds.


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